Glamour Shots Makeover for 90-Year Old Grandmother

How do you celebrate a 90 year old grandmother’s birthday that she can see over and over again? Take her to Glamour Shots!

glamour-shots-mother's-day-birthday-thoughtful-gift-ideaTo say the least, my family is very visual. Growing up in a deaf family, the “eyes” have it! The deaf members in my family may not be able to hear but they SEE everything!

Visual – Visual – Visual was a huge motivation for gifts to my mother, step-father, and grandparents.

I made an appointment at Glamour Shots to have my grandmother’s picture made for her 90th birthday.

The most make-up my grandmother wore was rouge. That’s what they called it in her day. We call it blush.

So when they styled her hair, applied eye make-up, foundation, and lipstick, and put her in fancy clothes and a cowboy hat, she thought “what a big fuss.” She had no idea how to “strike a pose” but they showed her and made it a big deal of how beautiful she looked, especially at 90 years of age.

She loved it and began to have fun being made up like a movie star! The final product? She looked like the famous actress Mae West!

Mae-West-glamour-shots-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy grandmother knew who Mae West was – a sex symbol! The funny part is my grandmother was nothing like Mae West. It would be like comparing me to Marilyn Monroe! If that would ever happen!!!

My grandmother was never the glamorous kind. She dressed very conservatively. If you looked in the dictionary, you would find her picture under perfect looking grandmother from the 1950s!

But… she did enjoy looking at her Glamour Shots photo displayed in the living room. She couldn’t believe the transformation. She often said it really wasn’t her because “How could I look like a famous movie star?!”

Her Glamour Shots make-over is one of my favorite memories of her. It’s right up there with her planting okra and green beans in the garden, watching her fry the best ever tasting chicken and baking her delicious made from scratch peach cobbler.

I now have my grandmother’s Mae West picture and it’s a great visual for all time!

To much of a good thing…can be wonderful.  –  Mae West

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