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First birthdays are a big deal, not for the child as much as it is for the parents or maybe I should say–mothers.

I was more than thrilled to celebrate my child’s first birthday! They are walking, chattering and making the cutest expressions. I watched him single-pink-rose-for-girl-first-birthday-thoughtful-gift-ideaopen (with some help) his gifts. I snapped pictures of him eating his cake and making a huge mess.

I was one proud mother! I wanted my son to have a “Happy 1st Birthday” so I could have pictures to cherish and share with him when he got older.

All of us moms understand the significance of birthdays. My son, Dustin, who is single and 33 years old doesn’t have a clue.

When Dustin’s best friend Jayson called to remind him that his daughter was having her one year old birthday party in an hour and asked if he was coming, Dustin said, “Yes, I’m on my way.”

He had forgotten all about it and hadn’t purchased a gift!


Dustin continued the tradition for a rose for every year by giving his best friend’s daughter two roses for her 2nd birthday.

So what did Dustin do? He called his mother and said, “What kind of gift do you give a one-year old girl? Oh, by the way I need a gift because I’m driving to their house for the party right now. No pressure!”

Well being the expert gift giver that I am… we brainstormed.

“Where are you? What stores are close by?” I asked. There was a grocery store around the corner. I told him to go to the floral department to get a single pink rose with baby’s breath in a vase.

I explained that Jayson’s daughter will receive plenty of baby gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins but no one will bring a rose to a one year old’s birthday party.

I also said, “Tell the parents you are starting a tradition, a rose for every year. Next year she will receive two roses.”

Dustin thought that was an awesome idea. What started out to be a no-gift-disaster turned into a beautiful and sweet tradition!

First birthdays are always memorable for mom and dad. So are the second, third, fourth, and so on.

Do you have a special birthday tradition? Please share in the comment section. 


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  1. When my grandkids turn 5 they get a birthday stocking . I cross stitched it. I fill it with little gifts and mail it to them. Each year mom sends it back to me and I refill. They look forward to getting there own birthday stocking

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