A Check for One Million Kisses

When you’re young and don’t have much money, you come up with really creative ways to express your love. My-then-boyfriend-now-husband came up with this gift idea for my 23rd birthday.

When I opened my birthday card from him, I was surprised to find a check. That’s weird, I thought.

For a split second I was totally confused until I read the check. It was made out to me for the amount of One Million Kisses or $XOXO.

Now, that’s a surefire way to melt a girl’s heart! I loved him so much for telling me “I Love You” in such a romantic way.


Yes, he used a real check from his checkbook.

Can you imagine the looks I would have gotten from the bank if I had tried to cash it?? The idea of it just cracks me up!

Ten years later, I’m still not sure I’ve received full payment of my one million kisses but he sure enjoys paying on his debt and I love receiving my kisses!

This inexpensive and romantic gift idea is perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays.

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.  – Chinese Proverb

What romantic gifts have you received that cost nothing but held the most value?

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