Celebrate National Hug Your Boss Day

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Even if you like your boss, the thought of physically hugging them might make you cringe. Your boss may not want you hugging them either.


Let me take the awkwardness out of National Hug Your Boss Day that takes place in September each year.

Instead of giving real hugs, give your boss or supervisor Hershey’s Hugs with a handwritten note or card. If you appreciate that your boss makes coming to work enjoyable, you should let him or her know. Make sure to give specifics on reasons why you’re glad to have that person as your boss.

Does your boss trust you to get the work done instead of micro-managing? Does your boss share information openly and candidly? Does your boss take time to appreciate you as a person instead of just an employee? Is your boss supportive of work-life balance?

Get the Office to Celebrate Hug Your Boss Day

It’s easier than you think to get your whole office to celebrate National Hug Your Boss Day.

At our office, we provided small baggies of Hershey’s Hugs and also cute printed cards with room for a handwritten note. Any employee who wanted to express their appreciation to their supervisor could hand them out.

Hug Your Boss Day turned out to be a big hit with our employees and bosses! It’s amazing how candy and kind words can brighten someone’s day or week. This idea can also be used in conjunction with Bosses Day in October.

Really not into hugs? Give your boss a thumbs up instead!

Act like an employee. Think like a boss.

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