Automatic Snack & Treat Dispenser


I love magic! Who doesn’t? With a wave of the hand – out pops a snack!

When I saw the SnackMan Motion-Activated Dispenser that makes healthy munching easy-peasy, I knew it would be the right gift for my husband’s sister and hersnackman-dispenser-sunburst-gifts-thoughtful-gift-idea spouse for Christmas.

They always try to eat healthy and this fun gadget creates a smart way to have portion control. The SnackMan Motion-Activated Dispenser features three settings: Small Handful, Large Handful or Bowlful. Once set, the same perfect portion is dispensed every time.

It looks like magic because with a simple wave of the hand, out pours your tasty snack treat.

We usually have family gatherings for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations at my in-laws, David and Lesa’s house. This is perfect for the rest of the family to practice our magic touch, munch on our favorite treats and by not touching the dispenser – this is a bonus, it helps prevents the spread of germs.

For that thoughtful twist have it already filled with their favorite snack. There are lots to choose from – unsalted nuts, sunflower seeds, unwrapped candy or other wholesome snacks (peanut M&Ms are wholesome in my book).

An automatic snack and treat dispenser is a thoughtful gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, hostess gift, housewarming gift or business gift. It will be the most magical fav gift for any occasion!

Let’s be wicked and have snacks for dinner.  – Ian Robinson, age 6

What candy, treat or snack would you keep in this dispenser? Please share with us in the Comments section.

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