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My mother taught me the importance of writing thank you notes, and I’m passing the skills of showing appreciation down to my own children.

kids-traceable-thank-you-card-noteI started with my oldest child, Aiden, when he was only three years old. I created Color In Thank You Cards since he could color at that age.

At age 4, I created Star Wars thank you cards, and he wrote his name on each one and decorated them with Star Wars stickers.

This year at age 5, I created a Traceable Thank You Card since he’s learning how to write uppercase and lowercase letters in Pre-K. The template has a place at the bottom for him to write his name.

He practiced his handwriting while learning proper manners and etiquette. Parenting win!

traceable-thank-you-card-noteMy son’s birthday party featured a Pokemon theme this year so I added a Pokemon graphic at the top of the template. You can quickly create your own traceable thank you cards. It’s easy peasy!

Instructions for DIY Traceable Thank You Card

  • Open a blank Microsoft Word document
  • Under Page Layout, change orientation to Landscape and create two Columns
  • Download the Traceable Thank You Card template
  • Insert the template into each column
  • Insert your own colorful graphic above the template if you desire
  • Print on white cardstock paper and cut in half

See! Not much to it!

It’s the perfect thank you note for beginner writers in Pre-K and kindergarten. There’s nothing cuter than kids’ handwriting so it will melt the heart of every one who receives one!

Make it a habit to tell people thank you. Then teach the habit to the next generation. You’ll make the world a better place!

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