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I have thoughtful last-minute gift ideas for you that will create year-round fun for the lucky gift recipient or their entire family!

science-museum-oklahoma-family-membershipWhat is it? Individual and family memberships or annual and season passes.

You can easily purchase these items online and they are easy peasy to wrap. Best of all, experience gifts make the most memorable type of gift! That’s my “experience” any way.

Envision this… children will have you to thank for their trips to the water park, families will have you to thank for their zoo outings, and couples will have you to thank for their season tickets to a performing arts theater.

If your gift is loved, it can become your annual Christmas gift tradition!

For a “thoughtful twist,” pair the membership or pass with a small related gift item, such as a stuffed lion with a zoo membership or a pair of ski goggles with a season pass to a ski resort.

Here are some ideas for types of membership and passes that make wonderful Christmas gifts.


  • zoosFrontier-City-Poster-2013
  • aquariums
  • art museums
  • children’s museums
  • natural history museums
  • aviation museums
  • science museums
  • botanical gardens
  • nature parks


  • theme park
  • water park
  • sports team
  • ski and snowboard resort
  • performing arts theater
  • ballet
  • philharmonic or symphony orchestra
  • opera
  • nature parks
  • state parks
  • national parks

¬†Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.¬† – Dale Evans

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