Clever First Birthday Gift

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When my son, Axl, turned one year old, my father arrived to the birthday party with the most clever and thoughtful gift!

It didn’t come wrapped up with a big bow or in a gift bag with tissue paper like the other birthday gifts.

Because it actually wasn’t for my son…


Clever First Birthday Gift

It was for his parents – my husband and me. It was a gift card to a local restaurant with a handwritten message that read:

Happy Birthday from Axl
Thank you for having me!

 A gift “from my son” to his parents so we could go on a date night. Talk about a thoughtful twist to a first birthday gift!

The gift meant a lot because my dad was recognizing the hard work that goes into taking care of a baby that first year after they are born.

All those diaper changes. All those middle of the night feedings. The first year is by far the most physically exhausting.

Which is why a first birthday is a major milestone for parents too! Sometimes we forget that which is why this first birthday gift is so awesome.

I’m definitely using this gift idea myself!

Thanks Dad for celebrating our role as parents on our child’s first birthday. We’re very touched by your thoughtfulness!

Parents raising babies need taking care of too.

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