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I have a new boss for the first time in 20 years!

Deborah has worked at our agency for 34 years, and when our previous executive director announced he was retiring, she applied and was selected.

welcome-gift-lotion-for-new-boss-thoughtful-gift-ideaWe are so fortunate to have a new leader that is someone we already know and love!

First Day as Executive Director

Our Administration Team planned something fun and special for her first day to welcome her and show our support. We came up with several gifts and paired them with creative sayings.

Gift #1 – Lotion
Don’t worry if it’s extremely rough & bumpy, your Admin Team will help with a smooth transition!

Gift #2 – House Slippers
The Admin Team is like these slippers, we are your fiercest supporters! Welcome to the Team!

welcome-gifts-for-new-boss-thoughtful-gift-ideasGift #3 – Massage
We will always have your back!

Gift #4 – Rustic Cuff Bracelets
Together, we are going to Sparkle!
Each team member received a bracelet.

She excitedly said, “Love! Love! Love it!”

Whether it is a new boss, co-worker or employee to the organization, it’s always worth the time and effort to make them feel a part of the team. Truly it’s a brand new day for everyone!

Deborah wrote in her first official email to staff, “I got to work – Red Bull in hand – eager to get to work on continuing OHFA’s legacy of excellence. I’m excited to serve in this capacity and thrilled to be at the helm! Let’s go do great things!”

We can’t express enough how thrilled we are to work with our new boss and to embark on this new journey with her!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, YOU ARE A LEADER!  – John Quincy Adams 

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