Sympathy Cookie Cake

There are entire businesses built around giving cookie cakes to celebrate special occasions.

I remembers as a tween when I suddenly became too cool for a birthday cake. Instead, I wanted a giant cookie cake from Great American Cookies (from the mall!) for my birthday party.


The cookie business has evolved since then. Now you can order someone a Sympathy Cookie Cake.

Maybe you know someone who had an accident, who lost a pet, who lost a job, who had a bad breakup, or who is going through a difficult time overall.

A Sympathy Cookie Cake might be the perfect gift to show someone you care while cheering them up.

Personalized Sympathy Cookie Cake

When my friend, Vahid, broke his elbow long-boarding, his employees surprised him at the office with a mini cookie cake from Insomnia Cookies.

It had a customized message that read,

Sorry Your Day Sucked
Have A Cookie

The both hilarious and sympathetic cookie cake definitely lifted his spirits!

If you’re not familiar with Insomnia Cookies, it has a cult following in many cities, especially college campuses. It’s because they deliver warm cookies to people’s doors until 3 a.m. every day of the week!

Insomnia Cookies are popular gifts to send college students leading up to finals.

I have yet to try one of their cookies so if you need a gift idea for me… I’m sometimes up until 3 a.m. working. Just throwing it out there!

Chocolate chip cookies are like duct tape. They fix everything.

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