Buy Their Single Favorite Flavor of Candy

What’s your favorite color of Starburst candy? Pink? Red? Yellow? Orange?

single-favorite-flavor-candy-thoughtful-giftPink for me! We all have our favorites.

The color or flavor we don’t like… yellow Starbursts for me… those usually stay uneaten in the bag or we give them away. Thankfully, my husband likes yellow Starbursts.

While my husband likes all of the flavors of Starburst candy, he doesn’t treat the different flavors of Airheads so equally.

The other day he mentioned how he wished the entire bag of Airheads candy he bought only contained the watermelon flavor. That’s his favorite!

My thoughtful gift idea light bulb immediately turned on in my head!

I searched the Internet, and there it was…. (cue heavenly angel sound effect)… a one pound bag of Airheads watermelon candy bars.

I’ve never seen single flavors of Airheads sold in any stores I’ve been inside. It’s always the assorted or variety pack. You gotta love the Internet and bulk candy options!

Did you know you can also buy single flavors of Starburst candy? Yep. I can buy a whole pound of pink strawberry Starbursts. Oh yeah, don’t mind if I do.


Did you know you can buy single flavors of Starburst candy by the pound?

It’s pretty cool how many kinds of candy that normally come in assorted flavors you can actually buy bulk in individual flavors. Here are some of them:

Giving someone a bunch of their most single favorite flavor of candy in the world will do three things to the lucky gift recipient:

1) They’ll be surprised you were able to find so many of their single favorite flavor.

2) They’ll be impressed that you knew and remembered their single favorite flavor.

3) Get cavities from eating so much candy.

Ok. Maybe that third one isn’t quite true.

Pretty much everyone loves candy so this thoughtful gift idea works well for friends, family, co-workers, and people of all ages!

There’s not denying that candy is comfort food and it’s affordable.  – Dylan Lauran


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