State Parks Gift Certificates for Outdoor Enthusiasts

I named this website Sunburst Gifts because I believe the perfect gift makes someone light up like the sun and burst with happiness.

Last month, I resigned from my job to pursue several entrepreneurship opportunities. When I opened my farewell gift from my work family of 12 years, I had the exact reaction I described above. They gave me the perfect gift!

They gave me gift certificates I could use at Oklahoma State Parks along with a copy of this year’s Oklahoma State Parks & Outdoor Recreation Guide.


My co-workers know my love of the outdoors, and they listened when I talked about my family’s camping trips. (My one-year old son has already been on two camping trips!)

Good for Camping, Lodging, Food & More

The gift certificates can be used for camping, lodging, food, golf and other recreational activities at any facility operated by the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department.

When it’s too cold for tent camping, I can rent a cabin. Two of my favorite state parks, Beavers Bend and Lake Murray, have cabins. See, I told you it was perfect!

Before receiving my gift, I didn’t know state parks even issued gift certificates. I’m glad they do because they make wonderful gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and families.

My outdoor experiences growing up have always been the most memorable parts of my childhood. That is why I’m providing similar experiences to my own children. The gift certificates to Oklahoma state parks will create lasting memories for my family and me.

Thank you Holley, Darlene, Dennis, RaShonda and Linda for my thoughtful gift!

Make time for the great outdoors.

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