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Moisturizing Donkey Milk Soap

My husband and I enjoy going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Lately, we have ventured to nearby small towns like Luther, OK.

We also like to shop and support local businesses. We stopped in the Urban Sixty-Six store. It’s a darling boutique with lots of unique gifts.

A display of natural and organic donkey milk soap called Dulce de Donké caught my attention. I was intrigued while reading about its beauty benefits and that it’s all the rage in European skincare.

As I’ve aged, my skin has become dry, wrinkled and wiggly! There may not be much I can do about the wrinkles or wiggly, but I’m always open to ways to keeping my skin healthy.

Urban-Sixty-Six-Store-Luther-OK-thoughtful-gift-ideasDonkey Milk Soap & Milk Bars

Donkey milk soap is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic.

I purchased Activated Charcoal and Lavender Donkey Milk Bars. The Activated Charcoal draws out toxins, excess oil and bacteria and the Lavender’s scent is heavenly. What a find! It works!

The Donkey Milk Bars are rich in vitamins A & E that help plump, moisturize and soothe itchy and dry skin. Exactly what my skin needed!

I think my looks have improved (wink), and I know my skin feels soft, smooth and wonderful!

I also love the story of this family’s farm crafted soap and their discovery of the donkey’s milk as the answer to their prayer for help with their daughter’s rare autoimmune disease.

Quoting from their interesting story, Our little donkey dairy began with 3 critically endangered American Mammoth Jackstock, descendants of George Washington’s heritage breed. Their amazing milk and lot of love are the ingredients that make our soap and skincare worth Hee Hawing about.”

Dulce de Donké soap and their other natural products are made in Oklahoma and make marvelous gifts for anyone who wants healthy skin.

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.  – Proverb

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      I absolutely agree! I especially like to share products that work for me. Thank you for your comment and for reading our blog.

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