Valentine’s Day Traditions Reimagined

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It’s time to fall in love with Valentine’s Day all over again!

We’ve reimagined routine Valentine’s Day traditions by adding a new twist to make it even more special. After reading our You say…We say… list, we’re sure you will come up with your own unique ideas!happy-valentines-day-reimagined-thoughtful-gift-idea

You say…We say…Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. You say…Valentine’s Day is commercialized to sell a billion cards.
    We say…Write a love letter from the heart and mail it. When was the last time you did this?
  2. You say…He’s happy with just sex!
    We say…Show off your new lingerie with a sexy lap dance!
  3. You say…We want to go out of town for the weekend but it’s too expensive.
    We say…Pack a bag for a surprise local bed and breakfast or boutique hotel for a One Night Staycation.
  4. You say…A dozen red roses is unoriginal.
    We say…Attach to each stem love notes and/or future date nights.
  5. You say…When we go out to eat dinner on Valentine’s Day dinner, the restaurant is always noisy and we can’t hear each other talk.
    We say…Cook a romantic dinner together or have your favorite take-out food at home.
  6. You say…She typically always wants the same thing. Chocolate, favorite bottle of perfume, charm for her bracelet, etc.
    We say…Present her favorite typical gift in a blown up balloon in a box with a note that says Pop Me!
  7. You say…We’ve been together a long time. How many ways can I say “I Love You”?
    We say…Say I Love You with funny Post-It Notes hidden in his or her shoes, purse, brief case, in the refrigerator, in a sock drawer, on a shirt, light switch, etc.
  8. You say…I’m single on Valentine’s Day.
    We say…Give a gift or do something nice for a friend or stranger. It feels great to pay it forward.
  9. You say…Valentine’s Day is for couples only.
    We say…Have a party and celebrate love with friends and family.
  10. You say…We always go out to dinner and a movie.
    We say…Plan a MEGA DATE NIGHT! Go to dinner AND a movie AND something else. It could be a comedy show, a concert, a play, or dancing!
  11. You say…We can’t find a babysitter.
    We say…Celebrate Valentine’s Day as an entire family by having a picnic in the living room.
  12. You say…She loves jewelry.
    We say…Present the jewelry on a stuffed Teddy Bear. Place earrings on the ears, a necklace around the neck, and a bracelet on the wrist.
  13. You say…She told me what she wants but I’m confused as to the exact one or really I wasn’t paying that close attention.
    We say…Cut out a picture of the item and place it in a Valentine’s Day card along with cash so she can pick out exactly what she wants.
  14. You say…I have no clue what to do or what gift to get for Valentine’s Day.
    We say…There are gift consultants like us at Sunburst Gifts who will be happy to help make Valentine’s Day a hit and not a miss!

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a reminder to say “I choose you” to love!

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