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  • Website of Weirdly Awesome Gifts

    Website of Weirdly Awesome Gifts

    Have you ever been clicking around on the Internet and accidentally stumbled across an amazing website? That happened to me recently, and I thought to myself, “Jackpot!” The website, www.Vat19.com, sells all kinds of weirdly awesome gifts you would never find anywhere else. You have to check out for yourself the unique gifts, food, toys, […]

  • Balloon Room Surprise

    Balloon Room Surprise

    Balloons turn adults into little kids again, especially when they appear in an unexpected place like the office! Turning someone’s work space, whether it’s their office or cubicle, into a playroom of colorful balloons is a great way to surprise someone for their birthday, work anniversary, or to congratulate them on an achievement. Giving someone […]