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  • 7 Gifts to Give Children at Christmas

    7 Gifts to Give Children at Christmas

    Have you ever heard of toy hangover? Kids may not recognize it, but parents sure will. Toy hangover occurs the day after Christmas or a birthday when kids are walking around dazed and confused after consuming too many toys in a short period of time. Instead of dazed and confused, parents feel stressed and overwhelmed. […]

  • 33 Awesome & Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers

    33 Awesome & Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers

    Not all stocking stuffers are created equal. Just because something is small enough to fit inside a stocking doesn’t mean it should find itself there Christmas morning. Don’t bother with trinkets. Instead, fill your loved ones’ Christmas stockings with some of these thoughtful treasures! By using our Amazon affiliate links to shop, you will be […]

  • Repurposing Christmas Cards as Gift Tags

    Repurposing Christmas Cards as Gift Tags

    The gifts have been opened, there are leftovers in the fridge and we begin thinking about putting up the Christmas decorations. As part of my decorations, I display the beautiful Christmas cards we received. They are on the mantle, book shelves, dining room table, etc. One year, I placed them on a string similar to a clothes line and […]

  • Thanksgiving | My Favorite Holiday

    Thanksgiving | My Favorite Holiday

    Since college, my favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. Why? Because people don’t give presents. I know that sounds silly coming from the co-author of a gift ideas blog but hear me out. Instead of giving presents on Thanksgiving, people give their TIME to spend with their family. Nothing says “I love you” or “You […]