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  • Changeable Felt Letter Board

    Changeable Felt Letter Board

    Everyone has favorite quotes or sayings they absolutely love. They could be inspiring, funny or motivational, and almost always elicit positive and powerful emotions from within us. This one I probably say the most… WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER It reminds me to see the positive side to something I’ve experienced that was […]

  • Frame the Perfect Quote for the Occasion

    Frame the Perfect Quote for the Occasion

    When someone else’s words say it all or say it better than you ever could, you’ve found the perfect quote to use for this gift idea. When my mentor, Valerie, achieved a major milestone in her business by officially franchising it, I wanted to give her a thoughtful gift to say, “Congratulations!” I was so […]

  • “Mighty Fine” | Remembering Gramps’ Personal Saying

    “Mighty Fine” | Remembering Gramps’ Personal Saying

    httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcjkVcRULZI&feature=youtu.be My father-in-law, Gene Drew, was a very kind and quiet man who would sometimes surprise us with his humorous wit. I always thought my husband got his wit from his mother but he also got it from his dad. Randy even laughs like his dad. There’s no denying it. We are our parents! When […]