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Almost everyone likes to receive money as a gift. It comes in the right color and size every time. How to give money in a unique way is the challenge.’ve used the Money Chain idea several times and it never fails to be entertaining. One, the visual is cool – it’s a chain. Two, it’s fun to count each link. Three, it’s an interactive gift.

Everyone who receives it can’t wait to take the chain apart and stack all the money in one hand.

I like to use dollar bills to make a very long chain. Within the chain, you can insert $5, $10 or any denomination. The amount you give is up to you.

I’ve used 50 one dollar bills chained together for a 50th wedding anniversary gift and wrote in the card “still chained together!”


You only need two things to make a Money Chain – dollar bills and tape (or glue dots).

  • Fold the dollar bill long ways into thirds. Crisp bills seem to work best.
    TIP: Iron wrinkled bills to make them crisp again!
  • Insert one end of the bill inside the other end to make a circle.
  • Use tape or glue dots to hold the ends together. My chain in the photo uses 50 one dollar bills.
    TIP: Tape works best for long chains.
  • Fold another bill into thirds and slip it through the circle.
  • Again insert one end of the bill inside the other end to make another circle. Now they are linked together.
  • Repeat until you have given the amount you want.

Easy peasy!

If you want to give money that will bring a big smile, try the money chain. It’s perfect for any occasion and anyone at any age. It’s truly one size fits all!

The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.  – Kin Hubbard

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