Just Sayin’ Quotes, Sayings & Phrases

With a smart phone or computer, you can send free thoughtful gifts anytime from anywhere by sending just sayin’ messages with quotes, sayings or phrases for any occasion.

just-sayin-life-without-dogs-thoughtful-gift-ideaYou probably already do this for birthdays and anniversaries without even thinking it’s a gift. But it is! You’re letting the recipient know you are thinking of them.

Send encouraging messages, inspiring quotes and funny sayings to brighten anyone’s day.

You can do this by email or by text message.

There are literally thousands of picture quotes to choose from on Google.

Or do as I do and save your favorites from Facebook to share later. I even take pictures of things or places that remind me of a friend or family member to send to them later.

To my dog lover friends, I send dog messages. My sister-in-law loves the beach so she receives quotes and pictures of beautiful beaches.

Anytime I see a message about snorting while laughing, I immediately send it to my girlfriend who snorts like me when we laugh. Don’t be surprised when you receive immediate responses.

Let me share with you some of my favorite picture quotes that I like to send at a moment’s notice. I always appreciate receiving special messages from people who are thinking of me. It makes my day and you will certainly make theirs!

Just Sayin’ About Dogs


Just Sayin’ About Aging


Just Sayin’ Funny Random


Just Sayin’ Happy Birthday


Just Sayin’ Redhead






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  1. Simmi Avatar

    I am Very happy after seeing this blog I appreciate this

    1. Queen Darlene Avatar

      Glad you enjoy our blog. For more thoughtful gift ideas sign up for our weekly blog, Sunburst Gift.

  2. mohsin saeed Avatar

    nice post really liked it
    Check more at funny mothers day quotes pictures
    thanks for sharing

    1. Queen Darlene Avatar

      Thank you. Loved the quotes you posted!

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