Baby Bump Maternity Photo Shoot

Did you know there’s a whole industry in baby bump/pregnancy/maternity photography? Google it and you will see hundreds of amazing pregnancy photos.

pregnancy-photos-thoughtful-gift-ideaIt’s a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby by showing off the “bump!”

My maternity outfits were much like my mother’s and grandmother – big flowing tops that hid our pregnant bellies.

In my grandmother’s day you couldn’t even say “pregnant.” The correct term was “in the family way.” Thank goodness that taboo is no longer the norm.

My mother told me when she was pregnant, you said the word “pregnant” in a hushed tone.  Oh, how glad I am times have changed! It’s exciting to be pregnant and maternity photos are a great way to share the joy with loved ones.

My friend’s daughter, Kelsey, is a professional dancer and her pregnancy photos feature her as a ballerina.

aby-bump-photography-thoughtful-gift-ideaHer photos demonstrates her art of dancing and at the same time accentuates her pregnancy. I fell in love with each photo!

Even if there was such a thing as baby bump photos in my day, I wouldn’t have been able to do the splits and certainly not while pregnant! What a beautiful photo!

Kelsey said her maternity photo shoot was a gift from her girlfriend and husband who are photographers.

I immediately thought what a sweet and precious gift to give – pregnancy photos.

A maternity photo shoot gift certificate given at a baby shower makes a unique gift and the mother-to-be can schedule her baby bump photos when she is ready.

pregnancy-photo-shoot-thoughtful-gift-ideaIt’s all about the timing of the birth but a gift certificate for a maternity photo shoot could also be given as a birthday or Christmas gift for the expectant mother.

Photos of the beginning of life will certainly be cherished for a lifetime. How many gifts do you know of give that kind of feeling?

I’m in love with a child I haven’t yet met.  – Anonymous

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  1. It got me when you said that maternity photos are a great way to share the joy with others. I guess I will start looking for a photographer now to get this done. My husband and I live away from our relatives, so this would be the best way to share with them the experience of us being pregnant for the first time.
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  2. A Baby Bump Maternity Photo Shoot is a beautiful way to capture the anticipation and excitement of pregnancy. These photos not only celebrate the amazing changes happening in a woman’s body but also serve as a cherished memory for years to come.

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