Jewelry With Special Meaning

It’s that feeling you get every time you touch the pendant around your neck or glance down at a bracelet, and you’re reminded of its special meaning.


A piece of jewelry with special meaning tells a sentimental story of who gave it to you and why.

It’s not just a fashion accessory. It symbolizes a relationship, a feeling, an event or a memory.

For my mother’s birthday, I wanted to surprise her with a new piece of jewelry since it’s not something she often buys for herself. I decided to browse on the Rustic Cuff website since it’s an Oklahoma company.

I came across this beautiful gold and silver cuff. The center is a gold hexagon with a smaller, silver hexagon inside it. Immediately, this thought popped into my head.

The six sides of the gold hexagon represent her six children. She is the silver hexagon in the middle because she is our center that holds us together. The other special meaning is her influence on us and the people we’ve become. We became a hexagon because she is a hexagon.

It’s what I will tell my mother when I give her the bracelet. Every time she wears it, I hope she thinks of her six children and how much we love her.

Past Present Future Jewelry is one of my favorite jewelry with special meaning.

A Past Present Future necklace was the first piece of jewelry my husband gave me when we were dating. It featured three stones that got bigger in size, and they represented our past, present and future.

My heart melted when he gave it to me because it was such a romantic gesture, and it told me a lot about how he felt about me!

Queen Darlene’s husband gave her a necklace with the numbers 1 4 3, which is secret code for I Love You. One is for I, four is for L-o-v-e and three is for Y-o-u.

Jewelry with special meaning could be:

  • passed down in the family
  • given for graduation
  • represent love or romance
  • represent family
  • represent friendship
  • represent motherhood, fatherhood, sisterhood or brotherhood
  • represent gratitude
  • represent success or a goal achieved
  • represent an event, place or a trip

Although not always necessary, sometimes it’s appropriate to have the jewelry engraved. You can add initials, names, a date, or a message.

My favourite thing in my wardrobe is my jewelry.  – Kate Reardon

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