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My nephew is turning 11 years old, and I wanted to give him a memento box to keep his priceless treasures. I know kids really like anything electronic these days, but hear me out on this one.


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Guys have tool boxes, tackle boxes for fishing gear, and even leather boxes for their watches and jewelry. Guys have boxes for their stuff! Women, on the other hand, have purses, jewelry boxes, and hope chests for their stuff.

Never thought about it that way have you?

I started giving “manly” boxes to birthday boys in their preteens for their keepsake items. I tell them it’s a treasure chest to keep their cool stuff inside.


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That way they can keep all of their prized possessions in one place.

Boys have medals, keepsake coins, pocket knives, a watch, unusual looking rocks, sea shells and other mementos strewn all over their room in dresser drawers, night stands, closets, under the bed or in a shoe box.

Boys cherish their collected things just like everyone else. They are proud of their accomplishments and want to keep items that are important. Maybe even a picture of a girl!

What better way than to have a cool memento box to store their stuff! It’s also a good place to keep money too.

My mother started a tradition when we were kids by giving us money that equaled our age. I placed 11 dollar bills, 11 half-dollars, 11 quarters, 11 dimes, 11 nickels, and 11 pennies in the box.

I also included a gift card from a trampoline park and big letters that spell out his name, Carson, that can be hung on the wall. The fun part – you can include any number of things that your birthday boy would like!

I found a box at Hobby Lobby that looked like alligator skin in their decorative boxes area. You can find a variety of boxes at craft stores and online.

The boys I have given a memento box gift have kept them into adulthood because they really like having a memento box to keep their important stuff.

I remember hearing my boys say to each other, “Keep out of my stuff!”


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