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Getting to drive is what makes turning 16 so sweet! A driver’s license equals freedom and independence… if you happen to have both a car and gas money.

pop-up-cash-gas-money-surpriseThanks to my parents, I had a car to drive. But until I found a part-time job, I was strapped for gas money and could only fill my gas tank $5 at a time.

Many teenage drivers feel the same pinch when it comes to gas money and probably even more so with today’s higher fuel prices. That’s why gas money and gas cards will always be a thoughtful gift for high school and college students.

But let’s not be boring by giving cash in an envelope. Presentation and the element of surprise go a long way when giving cash.

Items You Will Need:

Create the Pop-Up Cash | Gas Money Surprise gift by inserting cash or a gas card (fuel card) inside the middle of a folded pop-up style car windshield sunshade along with a note that says “Surprise! Gas Money For Wherever the Road of Life Takes You!”


Insert the note and cash (or gas card) inside the folded pop-up sunshade.


Fold up the sunshade.


Give the gift like this.

When they open up the sunshade, your note and cash (or gift card) will pop out and surprise them!

A gift inside a gift! They’ll have gas for the road and a way to keep their car cool from the sun.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?  – George Carlin

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