Money Puzzles Make Opening Cash Gifts Fun

Give a gift they’ll have to play to win!

money-puzzle-creative-cash-gift-funMoney Puzzles are like a toy or game with a cash prize inside.

Kids and adults alike will love the novelty and challenge of receiving a money puzzle. Only by solving the puzzle or brain teaser can they access the cash. It’s fun to make them work at least a little bit for it!

Besides cash, money puzzles can be used to give checks and gift cards. They’re much more fun than opening an envelope or gift card holder.

Many money puzzles consist of a clear plastic container that allows gift recipients to see the money or gift card they’ve been given. It’s impossible to open the container until a small silver ball is successfully completed through a maze.

That’s what makes this gift idea so fun and different! The gift recipient must complete a challenge before earning their “prize.” Sometimes, the whole family gets involved and takes turns taking a crack at it.

money-puzzle-fun-creative-cash-giftSome money puzzles are definitely more challenging than others. I’ve heard of puzzles or brain teasers that take some adults an entire hour to figure out! Most aren’t like that though, and money puzzles can be played and reused over and over.

Other money puzzles consist of a Magic Wooden Box that require someone to figure out the trick to unlocking it.

Now you know of an entirely new and creative way to give cash for birthdays, Christmas, graduation or any other occasion.

P.S. Money Puzzles also make funny gag gifts.

The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.  – Richard Dawkins

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