Halloween Monster & Zombie Spray

Older kids love dressing up in scary Halloween costumes like monsters or the latest craze – zombies! But the little ones often hate scary costumes and anything to do with monsters.

monster-and-zombie-spray-thoughtful-gift-ideaI have a fun gift idea that will help younger children get rid of any scary monsters and zombies. Monster & Zombie Spray! It’s like bug spray that gets rid of bugs but this special formula gets rid of monsters and zombies instead! It also smells good and doesn’t harm the skin.

I know, Halloween is not a typical gift giving holiday. I mean purchasing the kids’ costumes and candy is a gift in itself, right?! But… this gift is just too fun not to give!


Purchase a 6 oz. spray bottle and a bottle of fragrance body spray mist from the dollar store or Wal-Mart. Pour half of the body spray into the bottle with equal part water. Make a label that says MONSTER & ZOMBIE SPRAY and stick it on the bottle. That’s it. Easy peasy!

Give it to the kids, and they’ll love using it to get rid of anything that goes bump in the night. Monster & Zombie sprays also make great party favors if your child has a birthday around Halloween.

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to use this homemade spray. It comes in real handy year-round to get rid of the monsters under the bed!

I wished I told the monster under my bed that the rent was due. Everyone knows monsters don’t have jobs and would have had to move!

Do you have scary costumes or monsters-under-the-bed stories? Please share in the Comment section!

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