“SlipHer” Some Cash Slippers

Women love to have comfortable shoes, especially slippers to wear around the house after a long day.

slipher-some-cash-slippers-thoughtful-gift-ideaHere’s a cute gift idea with a play on words for giving slippers. I call it “SlipHer Some Cash.” 

Give the gift of comfort while hiding some money in the toes of the shoes.

Don’t give the surprise away! Let her discover the cash on her own when she tries on her new slippers. Instant cash will give way to an instant smile!

There are slippers galore to choose from and finding one that matches the gift recipient’s personality is part of the fun for you and them. There are fuzzy, animal paw, cartoon character, bunny and sequin ballerina slippers to mention a few.

It’s easy peasy. The hardest part is to know her size….

“I have too much money or too many shoes” said no woman ever!

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