Want Cash Fries With That?

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Drive through McDonald’s, order a hamburger and drink, and what do you immediately hear through the speaker? Want fries with that?

want-cash-fries-with-that-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhat if the voice on the speaker said, “Want Cash Fries With That?”

No one would refuse! Unlike French fries, Cash Fries contain zero-calories making them the perfect and clever way to give money!


The 3 items you will need:

  • A new McDonald’s Kid’s Meal size French fries holder. (Just ask and they will give them to you for free!)
  • Cash
  • Glue dots or tape

Tightly roll the bills to look like French fries. Use glue dots or tape to secure the bill from unrolling. Bundle them together inside the fries container.

The Kid’s Meal size container will hold 20 bills. It’s fun to use mostly dollar bills and hide $5, $10, $20 or more within the middle of the dollar bills. The amount is up to you.

Want Cash Fries With That? is a hilarious way to give money that will definitely get a “Yes!” for an answer.

Cash Fries! I’m lovin’ it!

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