Professional Family Photo of Three Generations

I’m on summer vacation and reposting a favorite by our readers. Speaking of summer, it’s a great time for family photos!

It’s not an easy task to get three generations of one family scheduled on the same date and time for professional photos. Life just seems to get in the way.

That’s even more reason to pause and take the time to pose for those precious photos.professional-family-photo-three-generations-thoughtful-gift-idea

Professional Family Photos

Most people have nice cameras and even smartphones take excellent pictures, but professional photos should not be overlooked.

For my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday gift, the family decided we would have a professional photo of three generations of our family made.

A photo of three or even two generations of family is a keepsake many family members will cherish.

While searching for a photographer, I had two requests.

(1) A black backdrop because I asked everyone to dress in black shirts and tops just so our faces would be the focus in the photo.

(2) A five foot ladder. I instructed that the photo be taken from the top of the ladder while all of us looked up at the photographer.

It’s much more flattering to be looking up than across, especially for women. Did you know when you look up, it smooths out the wrinkles and extra sag in the neck and face. Really!

My mother-in-law and sister-in-laws thought it was a great idea. The men in the family got a lot of mileage teasing us during the photo session.

We laughed and enjoyed our time together. The best part is it showed in our beautiful photo!

After 13 years, it is still one of my favorite family photos displayed at home and in my office.

A co-worker thought it was a really cool idea and decided he would have his family do the same with one exception. Since they are African-American, his family would wear white with a white background. His family photo turned out awesome too!

Priceless work of art is a family photo.

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