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Toys are great, but sometimes a child doesn’t need another toy. Right, Mom and Dad?

potty-training-starter-kid-birthday-giftWhen my best friend’s daughter turned a year old, I came up with a gift EVERY one-year old and two-year old NEEDS.

I came up with this gift idea after I finished potty training my two-year old son only 3 months after his 2nd birthday.

Good-bye dirty, stinky diapers and annoying diaper bag I’ve been lugging around for two years.

I’d like to take this moment to do a *happy dance*. For a parent, the excitement of fully potty training your child is right up there with watching them take their first steps.

This was my best friend’s first child so she has never gone through the process of potty training before. I’m a big believer in starting the conversation early so I gave her daughter the birthday gift of a Potty Training Starter Kit.

Preparing for Potty Training

It contained a potty training book and potty training underwear.

I specifically bought the book “Big Girl Panties” and DC Comics Justice League Training Pants.

(For my two boys, I really liked the potty training book “Diapers Are Not Forever.”)

Now they’re prepared and ready for that special day when it’s time to talk about big girls going pee and poo in the potty.

A Potty Training Starter Kit can also include these items:

A Potty Training Starter Kit can be given as birthday gifts for kids turning one or two. Kids will love it and their parents even more. Yay for children’s birthday gifts that aren’t toys!

Potty training my twins is like the Titanic’s maiden voyage… In the beginning we are excited, in the end everyone is crying and all wet.  – Reda Ramirez

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