Chocolate Band-Aids for Life’s Boo Boos

Chocolate Band-Aids! Who thinks these things up? Whoever they are… I’m glad they do. I love the idea!

choc-aid-candy-get-well-thoughtful-gift-ideaAs a child, Band-Aids on a boo boo always made me feel better even if they were the plain kind. No originality waaay back then.

My children chose their own Band-Aids like Spider-Man or The Hulk. The instant a super hero Band-Aid was applied to a scrape, cut or scratch, my kids were up and running.

Now, you can get rid of someone’s crocodile tears and create a smile by giving a treat of chocolate Band-Aids!

I found a cute box of Choc-Aid  (individually wrapped milk chocolates in the shape of Band-Aids) at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant Old Country Store. I love their store for finding novelty gifts since they carry so many unusual-clever-fun items.

If you do not have a Cracker Barrel in your area or your store does not carry them, you can find Choc-Aids online. If gummy candies are the preferred treat, check out Gummy-Aids.

For a “thoughtful twist,” send a box of Choc-Aid for Life’s Boo Boos instead of a Get Well Card.

A gift of laughter and sweetness is guaranteed to make anyone feel better!

Tell me, what boo boo can’t be solved with chocolate?


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