House Book of Important Documents

Would your family know what steps to take if something tragic happened to you?

house-book-important-documents-binderIt seems like a gruesome question to ask, but anything can happen so we should all prepare the best we can for such a scenario to happen to us.

Death is hard enough to deal with. Your family will be grieving for you so don’t give them the added stress of worrying about hunting down your financial records.

That’s where a “house book” comes in. It’s a binder containing important documents and information about your assets and estate plans.

It’s also sometimes called a “family emergency binder” or a “grab and go binder.” Because if your house were to burn down, a house book would be just as crucial.

What Goes in a House Book

Bank accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, investment accounts, trust documents, details about significant assets, a copy of your will, a copy of your spouse’s will… all of that information should be in there so your family can have access to them.

Once your house book is complete, put it in your safety deposit and let your spouse and another close family member know about its existence.

A house book will give yourself and your family the gift of peace of mind.

Once you’ve created yours, encourage someone you know to create one for themselves. You’ll be doing their future self a huge favor!

P.S. Make sure to update your house book every other year.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


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