Card & Gift From Child’s Favorite Disney Character

One of the biggest joys of parenting is the opportunity to inject a sense of wonder and excitement into your kids’ childhood. It’s why we get up in the middle of the night to set out presents from Santa and to tuck money under the pillow in exchange for a tooth.

card-gift-child-favorite-disney-character-mickeyThis thoughtful gift idea is a creative way to add a sense of magic and mystery to a young child’s birthday or Christmas gift experience!

Almost every child has a favorite Disney character or animated character they just adore. My son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse friends.

Queen Darlene remembered this and for my son’s birthday she gave him a card and a gift from Mickey Mouse and Friends. She made the birthday card herself and signed it “Mickey.”


Mickey Mouse even signed my son’s card!

What a great idea! You could also include a personalized message from their favorite Disney character inside the card that explains why he or she specifically picked out the gift for your child.

Kids will be so surprised and excited that their favorite Disney character remembered them on their birthday!

You’ll also be bringing their favorite Disney character to life. For my son, Mickey Mouse has crossed over from the world of TV, movies and books to real life because he received a real life card and gift from Mickey!

Kids, adults, men, women, everybody has a relationship with Mickey Mouse.  – Warren Spector

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