Adorable Pillow Case Sets

We met Dan and Barb when they became our Realtors during my husband’s home building days.

We became close friends and through the years we have shared our life stories. One of my favorites is how Barb and Dan got married.


Tie the Knot Matching Pillow Case Set

They had been together for a couple of years, and one morning Barb proposed to Dan by saying she was going to be a Mrs. by the end of the day. She was waaaaay past waiting for him to propose first.

He, of course, was nervous but Barb is the love of his life and that day they went to the courthouse and became Mr. & Mrs. He has said lovingly more than once she “roped him” into marriage!

When Barb and Dan were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, I saw these adorable pillow cases of a bride roping her groom with heart string in order to tie the knot on Well… it just seemed to fit their marriage proposal perfectly so I gave it to them as an anniversary gift.


Matching His and Hers pillow case set

When you find something super cute, you begin to look for other designs…

Our friend’s daughter sent an announcement she was marrying her Prince Charming and for their gift I ordered the matching His & Hers pillow case set Cinderella and Prince Charming to follow their wedding theme.

My best friend from second grade has always been a cat lover. I knew the outline of cat ears on pillow cases would be the cat’s meow for her birthday gift.pillow-cases-cat-ears-thoughtful-gift-idea

I could go on and on!

Did you know you can order custom design pillow cases for a very reasonable price?

On, there are literally hundreds of designs, sayings and styles of monograms. Personalize your pillow cases to match any occasion, celebration or just-for-fun gift idea!

Pillow talk is the best part of the day.

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