Easter Egg Money Surprise

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Kids love Easter eggs because each one contains a surprise. They can’t wait to see what’s inside!

easter-egg-money-surprise-cashDid they get chocolate, jelly beans, hard candy, gummy candy or bubble gum?

As children get older, Easter egg hunts may not excite them as much since it’s something they’ve done for years already.

That’s when it’s time to replace some of the candy with coins or cash to create an Easter Egg Money Surprise!

Small children will get excited over nickels, dimes and quarters. Teenagers will hunt for Easter eggs if they have the chance to find eggs containing $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills!

Easter eggs traditionally contain candy so children will love finding an Easter Egg Money Surprise, whether it’s in their Easter egg basket or during an Easter egg hunt.

Another way to add a creative twist to Easter is to plan a Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt With Flashlights. It would make a fun family tradition that could even include adults!

The Easter Bunny got wise and stopped by the bank this year.

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