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Congratulations! Enjoy Retirement! Happy Retiree! Words of celebration but it’s the same old words and cliche. It’s so much more meaningful to say words that personalize the retiree’s working life!


Custom Word Art Canvas

My co-worker and friend, John, retired this year. He’s a wonderful leader, well respected, and possesses an incredibly funny deadpan and dry sense of humor that we all love!

For his retirement gift, I searched Pinterest for ideas and put together some words and phrases that describe his years and accomplishments with our agency. I also included a few of his personal sayings that he is known for around the office.

The words were placed on a wrapped canvas and presented to John at an all-agency meeting.

This style of canvas art is sometimes referred to as personalized or customized word art, subway sign, or typography art.

John’s custom word art canvas read:

John Marshall
Retired 2016
23 Years & 9 Months of Employment
8600+ Days in the Office
Dozes of Jokes At All-Agency Meetings
100+ Board Meetings
Even More Staff Meetings
Thousands of Phone Calls
Billions of Dollars in Oversight
Unforgettable Memories
We Be Workin’
Brilliant Friends
Plenty of Good Times Still to Come
At the End of the Day
Retirement Will Be
Just Peachy!

Princess Diana designed it, and then I took it to a local photo store to be placed on canvas. You can also easily find graphic artists to design your personalized retirement canvas art or poster on

John is excited about his retirement but we’re not so excited to see him go. As a matter-of-fact, there are not enough words to describe how much we’re going to miss him.

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.  – Abe Lemmons

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