Art That Imitates Life

My friend Janet and I enjoy visiting museums. One of our favorites is the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. There are literally thousands of paintings by artists of various time periods.

Art That Imitates Life GiftsThere we were walking from gallery to gallery when we came upon a painting that took up an entire wall. Although painted in 1879, the colors were still amazingly vibrant.

We both stared at the massive painting in awe when I said, “That’s you and me!”

It was a painting of two women – one with red hair and the other a brunette – living in a palace overlooking the sea. It was named The Favorite of the Emir by Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant. We laughed and joked of being pampered as royalty then moved on to the next gallery.

While in the gift shop, I came across a print of the painting. I immediately purchased two and had her sign her name next to the brunette and I signed mine next to the redhead. We renamed the print “You & Me” and I had them framed. I gave one to Janet for her birthday and I have one in my office.

It is a daily reminder of our beautiful friendship. On top of that it reminds us of the beautiful art that exists around the world and of our brief moment imagining what it would be like to live such an opulent life – even if it would have been without running water!

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. – Henry David Thoreau

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