Balloons, GREY GOOSE® & Suitcase Surprise

It thrills me to see others use Sunburst Gifts ideas in their gift giving.  Hiding gifts inside balloons seems to be a favorite.

balloons-grey-goose-suitcase-bday-surprise-thoughtful-gift-ideaLinda’s friend once mentioned that she wanted a small purple suitcase for her travels. When it came time to purchase a birthday gift, Linda remembered her friend’s comment and created a Suitcase Surprise.

Linda’s usual go-to birthday gift for her friend is GREY GOOSE® vodka since that is her favorite drink. This year Linda planned a surprise by placing individual small bottles of GREY GOOSE® inside balloons. Then she placed all of the balloons inside a purple suitcase.

When Linda’s friend opened her gift, the purple suitcase was totally unexpected. Linda then asked her to unzip the suitcase and that’s when she discovered it was filled with different colored balloons.

At first, she thought they were just Happy Birthday balloons but Linda gave her a pin and immediately she popped the balloons to find a bottle of her favorite vodka hidden in each and every one.

grey-goose-hidden-inside-balloons-thoughtful-gift-ideaYou can imagine the birthday girl’s smile!

Not only was it a fun gift getting to pop balloons, but also she was touched that Linda remembered she wanted a purple suitcase. It was an added bonus she still received her favorite gift of GREY GOOSE®!

That’s what it’s all about. Listening, remembering and giving a thoughtful, heartful gift!

Besides birthdays, this gift idea can be used as a Christmas, going away or retirement present.

A friend is like a good bra. Hard to find, supportive, comfortable, always lifts you up, makes you look better and ALWAYS…close to your heart.  – Unknown

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