Bicycle Gift for All Ages

Waking up Christmas morning to find a bicycle under the tree is a memory that lasts a life time!

Receiving a bicycle as a birthday gift also makes for an exciting and memorable moment.Who says the fun has to stop when we become adults?

Our grandparents surprised my brothers with new Schwinn Sting Ray bikes for Christmas in the 1960s. They went everywhere on themnew-bikes-thoughtful-gift-ideas and rode from morning until dark. Many of you who are Baby Boomers remember doing this too.

My husband and I purchased bicycles in our early married life. We would ride through neighborhoods looking at new houses and wondered, “What do people do to afford $35,000 homes?” That sure was a looooong time ago!

When my son was almost one year old, I told my husband I wanted a bicycle with a baby seat for Mother’s Day. Dustin loved riding with me. It was a wonderful way to exercise especially carrying that extra weight–not mine–my baby!

The last bike I received was for my 59th birthday from my mother. It happened to be one of the last gifts she gave me before she passed away. It’s pink because my mother thought it was the perfect color for her daughter! electric-bike-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhen my brother moved in with our step-father to be his caregiver, I thought he could use a break by getting out of the house and getting some exercise.

I searched online and found a like new electric-assist bicycle. Ummm… it probably has been 40 years since my brother has ridden a bike but it’s true what they say… once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget.

The seller was my brother’s age and said he purchased it to start riding again and the battery operated bike proved helpful. He had joined a bike club and was upgrading to a touring bike.

He was absolutely right because when my brother started riding, he was out of breath, his legs were weak, and he was so thankful that he could turn on the battery to help him up the hills.

The bike travels up to 18 miles an hour with him peddling along. I believe if he had the time, he would ride it from morning until dark! He has told me numerous times, it is the best gift I have ever given him.

There are many bikes to choose from, such as road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, folding bikes, tandem bikes and cruiser bikes. When choosing a bike, pick the best one that fits their needs.  Don’t let age get in the way of riding a bike and feeling like a kid again!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein


18 responses to “Bicycle Gift for All Ages”

  1. Mahur Avatar

    Nice job on this, I learned a lot. Looking forward to your next posts!
    Thank You

    1. Queen Darlene Avatar

      Thank you for your comment. Please sign up on http://www.sunburstgifts.org for weekly thoughtful gift ideas.

  2. Eastman Global Avatar

    Yeah am agree with you..Bicycle riding is good for any age of your life….Thanks for sharing.

    1. Queen Darlene Avatar

      It’s fun! And, great exercise too! Appreciate your comment!

  3. Julia Avatar

    Funny post! I enjoyed while reading your post. My dad is 62 and he likes ride bicycle every day.

    1. Queen Darlene Avatar

      Thank you for your comments. Love riding bikes and if I was 30 years younger, I would love to ride mountain bikes! Great article!

  4. Mr.Chris Avatar

    Nice article for E-bike purchases for all ages.

  5. The Shard Bike Avatar

    Definitely am concur with you.Bicycle riding is useful for any age of your life… .Thanks for sharing.

  6. Emily Durant Avatar

    I can’t wait to get back to the states and buy a bike and ride it everywhere! It’s a good workout and it’s good for the environment. Why not?

  7. Sam Avatar

    My mom is 65 and I’m sure she’d be happy to get a bike on Christmas!

  8. Sarah Anderson Avatar

    Absolutely. I agree with you. Bike riding is for Every Age. Everyone should have the joy of riding whenever they want. You did a Great Job.

  9. Matt Carlo Avatar

    That’s a great article. Everyone should buy a bike regardless of their age.

  10. William Son Avatar

    These are the best Bikes for every age of person.
    Everyone should buy it.

  11. Sandra Avatar

    Bicycling is pure joy, I love to ride around the town in nice weather.

    1. Queen Darlene Avatar

      Definitely enjoyable & great exercise! Good for you!

      Queen Darlene

  12. Christopher Hank Avatar

    Such a great article. I wanted to buy a cycle but my sister didn’t want another want so I gift her a new electric scooter this Christmas. She loved it so much.

  13. Queen Darlene Avatar

    I’m so happy you gifted your sister an electric scooter. She will get so much enjoyment from it. You’re a wonderful brother!

    Queen Darlene

  14. Niloy Avatar

    I want to gift my sister a cycle but she can’t ride. Because she is only 1 year old. When She can ride Hope I gift her a cycle.

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