Lottery Ticket Wedding Anniversary Bouquet

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Have your wedding anniversary gifts become predictable and expected? Even worse – boring? Don’t stress…


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This wedding anniversary gift idea has it all! It’s creative, unique, sentimental and funny!

Take lottery tickets and arrange them into a lottery ticket bouquet inside a flower pot. Read “Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift for the items you’ll need and instructions on how to assemble the bouquet.

You can purchase a random number or the same number of lottery tickets for the number of years you’ve been married.

For the “thoughtful twist,” add a message that says, “Being married to you is like winning the lottery every single day.”


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The lottery ticket wedding anniversary bouquet is the perfect gift for a man or woman. It will surprise your loved one, while making them smile and laugh.

Even better – if they win it big with one of the lottery tickets, you can be pretty sure they’ll share their winnings with you!

Our wedding was many years ago.  The celebration continues to this day.  – Gene Perret




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  1. I am researching various blogs at the moment and felt compelled to tell you that yours has been the best I’ve looked at so far….loved the free stuff trick…genius!!

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