How to Make Sure Your Man Never Disappoints You With His Gifts

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard my female co-workers, friends and family members say things like, “He better remember it’s our anniversary (or my birthday, etc.) and have a gift and know what I want.”

Ladies – don’t set up your husbands and boyfriends for failure! Do what I do. I learned early on to help my husband with picking out my gifts and in doing so I’m never disappointed with my gifts!

I’ve been married 43 years and the first gift Randy gave me after we were married was an electric can opener. Yes, you read that correctly.

I blew a gasket! Seriously? A plug-in appliance? I cried, screamed and told him I could NOT believe he thought such a thing could be considered a GIFT. What was he thinking??

In his defense, many months later when he felt safe to talk about it, he explained that the hand held can opener that we received for a wedding gift was cheap, dull and difficult to turn. So he thought it would be nice to make my life easier by getting an electric can opener.Make it Easy List Gift Idea

Awwww… but still there is NO EXCUSE to give your wife, girlfriend, or significant other any sort of appliance unless she asks for it as a gift. Period. End of story.

My girlfriend’s husband once purchased her an electric weed eater. Believe me when I say that’s much worse!

So ladies – how do you make sure your man never disappoints you with his gifts? What is the secret to making sure you love the gifts you receive for Valentine’s Days, birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries?

I’m not talking about our significant other giving us money to purchase our own gift. This may work from time to time but gets blah and kind of lazy on their part. So here’s how you do it.

Make it easy for them. First, remind them of the occasion coming up. This is huge! They forget and for some men, dates are not important. Secondly, give them a list of the things you want, the store or website where they can purchase the items, and even how much. You may say, “But I want to be surprised!”

You can be if you list several items. You will not know what he chooses. It could be he may purchase them all. Now that would be the best surprise!

Our men want to make us happy. They just sometimes do not have a clue. So why make them walk the shopping mall aimlessly or surf the web endlessly just to end up with something we do not want? After many years of training, some will get the idea of what you like. If they don’t, continue with the lists! Then he, you and everybody is happy! Every single time.

Fact of life – The things that are important to women are not necessarily important to men.


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