Just What He Needed – A Plastic Flask

My husband Kevin loves his whiskey and Coke.

So sometimes when he goes out with his buddies he takes a flask of whiskey with him.

gifts for him plastic flask Valentine's Day Gift IdeaHe uses a flask I bought him as a present in college. It’s black leather and stainless steel and has his Delta Upsilon fraternity’s Greek letters engraved in the top and the words “To the Best Ever…” engraved on the front. Obviously, it has sentimental written all over it, and we (okay, probably just me) would be terribly upset if he ever lost it.

Well, Kevin told me that a security guard at an Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game almost confiscated it. He had the flask in the inside front pocket of his blazer when he got wanded!

But thankfully, the security guard’s wanding skills were about as good as Dwight Howard’s freethrows and the wand never beeped. Whew!

I remembered that story when it came time to buy Kevin his Valentine’s Day gift last year. So what did Kevin need in his life? Well, besides me.

He needed a flask that would always go undetected by a metal detector or wand.

So I bought him not one but TWO Blue Nalgene 12 Oz Flasks, so he could let a friend (or me) borrow the other one. The flasks also have caps that double as mini shot glasses. Yep, I thought of everything.

The best gifts are often something that people don’t even realize they need until you give it to them.

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