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Several years ago, my brother-in-law’s mother was living in an assisted living center. It was during the Christmas holidays that I stopped by for a visit. I brought with me a basket full of Red & White Peppermint Candy Canes.

Attached to each one was the Jesus Candy Cane Poem. Orean, who was in her 90s, read the poem and said she thought she had heard every Christmas story told but this was a new one. See… you’re never too old to learn something new!

Candy Cane Poem Gift Idea for the ElderlyShe asked me, “Why so many?” I told her they were to share with all of her friends at the assisted living center. Her eyes opened wide and a smile came across her face. She immediately started handing out the candy canes to the residents and staff who passed by her door.

“Merry Christmas!” Orean would say to each person, hand them a candy cane, and instruct them to read the poem. For someone who read her Bible every day, it made Orean light up with joy to share a Christmas treat and the Lord’s message with all of her friends and neighbors.

Assisted living centers and nursing homes can be lonely places for the people who live there. Gifts like this one that can be shared with others work their magic in a different way. Not only is the person happy to receive the gift, but the giver also gets happier and happier each time they share the gift with someone else!

Jesus Candy Cane Poem – A short version of the candy cane legend.

Look at the candy cane. What do you see? Stripes that are red, like the blood shed for me.

White is for my Savior, who’s sinless and pure. “J” is for Jesus, My Lord, that’s for sure!

Turn it around, and a staff you will see. Jesus, my shepherd, was born for me.

Remember those whose hearts still want to feel the joy of Christmas.

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