Matching Graduation Day T-Shirts


My co-worker, Nikki, shared this wonderful idea that her family is doing for her son’s high school graduation this year. The family will wear matching Graduation Day T-Shirts. Just like a 5K race where a team wears matching t-shirts, friends and family attending graduation wear the same t-shirt in support of the graduate.


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The front of the t-shirt can have the graduate’s initials and their very own unique signature. Printed on the back of the t-shirt can be the class motto, a favorite quote or a personalized message to the graduate. It’s a fun way to visually show support for the graduate and to create an unforgettable family memory and photo. It also makes it easy for the graduate to spot their family and friends in the audience during the graduation ceremony. Shhhh…. don’t tell him but when my son graduates from college his t-shirt is going to say, “The best decade of my life!” There are many screen printing companies to choose from to create your family matching graduation day T-shirts.

School does not feel like a race until you’re almost to the finish line.

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  1. My nephew is graduating high school next year, and we’ve thought about making him a school shirt for his senior year. I didn’t even think of putting his school motto on the back. It would be cool to include that with a funny picture on the front. Hopefully he and his friends with love the shirts.

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