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Since my mother passed away, my brother and I have been going through her many boxes of letters. She kept everything. I found a Christmas letter dated some 30 years ago from my great Uncle Champeau in Florida to my mom. The letter outlined family historical information so I decided to mail it to my cousins, Uncle Champeau’s daughters.

I also decided to send a “just because” package along withFunny-Glasses-gift-idea-sunburst-gifts the letter. I sent chocolate covered pecans, a cute note pad, and some Funny Glasses. I placed a sticky note on the funny glasses that said, “Try them on and strike a pose!”

Never in my wildest dream did I know what was going to happen next. When Judy, Denise and Margie received the care package, they put the glasses on and did what I told them – they struck a pose!

Funny Glasses Care Package Gift IdeaFor the next hour, my cell phone blew up with pictures. “We’re having the best time posing for everyone” one message read. With each sent picture another message – “You made our day!” and “When the kids got home, they thought they had a new family!”

Even the kids got involved striking a pose! My favorite was when the family dog got into the act.

Dog-in-Funny-Glasses-gift-idea-sunburst-giftsWhen you dress up in something as simple as a mask, hat or funny glasses, I don’t know what it is but people transform into a different character. It works every time and is hysterical to watch, especially when someone has a quiet demeanor.

As happy as the “just because” package and funny glasses made them, I was equally as happy. I wasn’t thinking of the package as a gift but just returning a father’s handwritten letter to his daughters along with a few fun items. But with the technology of sending pictures in real time, the Funny Glasses ended up creating silly but memorable mini family reunion event! Priceless!

The best things in life are silly.  – Scott Adams

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