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  • Best Pop Ever | Father’s Day Popcorn Gift

    Best Pop Ever | Father’s Day Popcorn Gift

    Have you ever faced this dilemma? Father’s Day is coming up but you can’t think of a single “thing” Dad needs or wants? In this scenario, the solution is giving the gift of food, drink, or experience. I’m here to talk about a delicious and popular snack food–popcorn! It’s the perfect gift! Who doesn’t love […]

  • Mouthwatering Truffle Oil

    Mouthwatering Truffle Oil

    The aroma of truffle oil seriously makes my mouth water. I’m in love with it! The rich, decadent flavor of the golden oil on my tongue takes me to heaven every time. A drizzle of truffle oil takes a dish from good to gourmet! It recently gave my homemade pizza that “Wow!” factor. After it […]

  • Creative Date Ideas in Oklahoma

    Creative Date Ideas in Oklahoma

    Honey, let’s go out on a date this weekend.         That sounds fun! What should we do? I’m not sure. Do you have any ideas?         I can’t think of anything right now. I guess I’m okay with going out to eat somewhere and then watching a movie. We’ve all had conversations go like this […]