Say Thank You With Merci European Chocolates

I needed to say thank you to someone who did me a great favor but I had no idea who they were.

merci-european-chocolates-thoughtful-gift-ideaLet me start at the beginning. My long time friends, Curtis and Susan, and my husband and I made a pact to at least once a month spend a Saturday together by visiting recommended restaurants across the state of Oklahoma.

The drive would give us time to visit and our destination would be a delicious meal.

Our first adventure was to check out Click’s Steakhouse in Pawnee, Oklahoma – population 2,179. The restaurant is known for its delicious steaks and amazing homemade pies. We arrived a few minutes prior to opening at 11 a.m. and already a line was forming at the door.

When we were seated, my husband took a bottle of prescription meds out of his pocket and placed them on the table to take with his meal. I wanted to say “Don’t forget to put it back in your pocket” but… wives, do you ever feel all we do is criticize our husbands? So, I said nothing.

You guessed it! We left the restaurant and my husband left his meds behind. He didn’t even realize it until we had driven an hour and a half away!

I called Click’s Steakhouse and spoke to a woman who said she would look for it and call me back. True to her word, she called within a couple of hours to say one of the waitstaff had found it. She offered to mail it. I love the salt-of-the-earth Oklahomans!

We received the package with no note, no name, nothing but the meds so I didn’t know who to thank.

I wanted to reimburse the person who sent it and send a thank you gift to whomever found it. Dilemma! What to send and who to send it too?

Dilemma solved! Walmart and Amazon both sell Merci European Chocolates in assorted flavors.

Not only does the box say thank you in French, but it contains several pieces for anyone who might have assisted in the search for the medicine bottle.

I mailed the reimbursement money addressed to Click’s Steakhouse, Attention: Medicine Bottle Search Team, along with the box of chocolates and a note of appreciation for their help.

You can never go wrong with chocolate. Merci European Chocolates are a sweet gift for teachers, co-workers, friends, family or even strangers whom you would like to thank!

Saying thank you in any language is always appreciated.

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