Night Light Get Well Gift

When someone is under the weather, the first thought of how to help them feel better is preparing chicken noodle soup and taking a box of Kleenex. But what about someone with a long term serious illness?


May God’s Light chase the darkness away.

Cards and prayers are always welcomed. Books to read and adult coloring books are great ideas too.

I wanted to give my friend something a little different – a gift that would lift her spirits and light up her day every time she looked at it.

I found the perfect gift in a beautiful night light.

Brighton carries several designs, and I chose a heart night light.

I wrote in the card May God’s light chase the darkness away.” I wanted her to know she was thought of daily and that prayers were being sent her way.

heart-night-light-up-your-day-thoughtful-gift-ideaHere are some other uplifting sayings you can write in the card when you give a night light as a get well gift:

  • Love & Light to brighten your day and night!
  • You are the light of my life!
  • There is no darkness where there is light.

You can also search Google to find original quotes about light.

There are hundreds of types of night lights to choose from for adults and kids.

While searching, I discovered different styles of angel night lights that could be used as a condolence gift. You could write in the card, “Think of it as Heaven’s light shining upon you.”

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.  – Leonard Cohen

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