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Who deserves a vacation from house cleaning the most? New mothers.

house cleaning gift certificate with baby bath time gift set

Pair a housing cleaning gift certificate with baby bath products for a baby shower gift that will truly be appreciated!

They’re so busy taking care of a newborn baby who depends on them for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G they don’t have time for anything else!

Here’s the reality though. While new moms get that cleaning is not their highest priority at the moment, they still stress about needing to clean. It seriously weighs on their mind.

Here’s what’s probably going through their heads:

The piles of laundry just keep getting bigger and bigger. Make it stop!

Is that food crust on the floor from the spaghetti we ate two weeks ago?

What are people going to think when they come over? I hope they understand this is not how we normally live.

Thanks honey for cleaning the house but why does it still look so dirty??

Don’t let another new mom stress about having a messy house.

Give an expectant mother a gift certificate or gift card for house cleaning services as a baby shower gift. Pair the gift certificate with a baby bath tub and baby bathtime gift set and include a note that says something like:

house cleaning gift certificate

Include a note that says, “While you’re busy cleaning up after the baby, let Merry Maids clean up after you!”

While you’re busy cleaning up after the baby, let Merry Maids clean up after you!

House cleaning services give new mothers the gift of a helping hand when they need it the most so they can focus on their brand new bundle of joy.

Life doesn’t get more real than having a newborn at home.  – Eric Church

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  1. Shannon J. Perkins

    What a very nice idea! New mothers have no time to clean the house, and for them not to be stressed in over thinking all the household chores that they must do, this gift certificate for cleaning services is perfect. This is one way of showing how much you care for the mom-to-be. I’m pretty much sure that no one comes up with this brilliant thought, except you.

  2. I am disabled and there are a few things I can’t take care of. I have been hiring a couple of my friends, but truthfully that doesn’t really work out. We spend a lot of time sitting and talking and I ended up helping them instead of doing other things like working on my crafts or in my office. Thank you for the tips! Let the search begin!

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