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When my oldest son Dustin was born 33 years ago, a friend gave me a pair of leather baby shoes with his name and date of birth printed in silver on the bottom of the unique-babyboy-shoes-gift-idea-sunburstgiftsshoes. I thought it was the best gift ever! So from that moment forward it has been my unique personalized baby gift to all of my friends and family.

When there is a baby shower, I print a photo of the shoes from the website to give the mother an idea of what the gift will look like. I also wrap cute baby socks to go with the mock-up photo.

unique-personalized-baby-shoes-gift-idea-sunburstgiftsWhen the baby is born and I know the birth name and birth date, I order the baby shoes and have them mailed directly to the parents. Easy peasy! (I’m starting to like Princess Diana’s catch phrase a lot!)

For the first time in 33  years, I purchased a pair of shoes for twin boys. They were so cute! I even purchased a pair for Princess Diana’s son Aiden when he was born.  I loved seeing his name, Aiden Dragen, in print.

In all the years I have given this unique personalized baby gift, the mothers have all told me they have never received a gift like it!

Here is the website I use to order the shoes which come in various styles for girls and boys – www.babygift.net. Tell them Queen Darlene sent you.

This precious baby’s gift idea is and always will be a unique keepsake!

There’s nothing really quite as sweet as tiny little baby feet.   – Author unknown



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  1. Janice Richards

    Funny, I was just reaching for these exact shoes. I also received a pair for my son born 30 years ago. He will be turning 30 this April 15th. I also thought that it was “THE” gift. Mine came with a story about a cobbler and he brought the shoes he made to the prince of the king that ruled the land. It was quite touching.
    I could swear that I purchased my shoes for my friends as they delivered their first child from a site to named “Livonia”. I’ll have to do some research.

    • It’s wonderful to have a unique “go to gift” that everyone will cherish. Yes, the baby shoes still include the sweet story about the cobbler. I think the story makes the gift even more memorable.

      Queen Darlene

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