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So much of who we are we owe to our parents. Through their words, through their actions, through their examples, they taught us life lessons both large and small that influenced us as children and still influence us as adults. Can I get an “Amen?”

life lessons learned from mother custom bookI contacted all of my siblings and asked them to email me the things they learned from our mother growing up. I told them it could be anything as long as it made an impact on who they are today or how they live their lives.

I told them I would use their answers and mine to create a custom book titled “Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother” that we could give to our mother as a Mother’s Day present.

Collaborating with my brothers and sisters on what to include in the book made the present even better because we each came up with life lessons that the others totally agreed with but forgot about. Through teamwork, we really nailed it!

Here are a few of the life lessons we included in our book:

You taught me to do whatever is necessary to keep family together.


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You taught me family isn’t defined by blood but by LOVE.

You taught me not to judge people by their race, background or sexual orientation.

You taught me the importance of a handwritten thank you note.

You taught me that if I take care of my car, it will last me a long time.

You taught me to only take medicine when I really need it.

You taught me the benefits of eating healthy and exercising.

I also included a dedication page at the start of the book which was essentially a short letter to our mother.

I created the book through my favorite custom book website They make the entire process easy peasy! (And really affordable if you wait for a 50% off sale!)

I can’t wait for our mother to open her present so she can read about the multitude of ways she left an imprint on the lives of her children.

Consider giving a similar gift to your mother to let her know the impact she has made on your life!

 There is nothing more precious to give or receive than a mother’s love.  – Unknown

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